Read the feedback I’ve received from customers during my time as an image consultant in London.

"Dear Katrin, thank you so much for today! You were amazing! So prepared, efficient, insightful, professional and caring! I really felt I could be myself and felt confident with your opinions. Thank you!"

Jaki G., August 2019

“With a full-time job and two small children, I never had time to pay much attention to how I looked. Then I was suddenly offered a promotion at work. I knew I’d have to sharpen up my image. So I asked Katrin to help.
Image consultation
We chatted at length about my lifestyle, my current shopping habits and what styles I felt most comfortable with. Then we spent a fascinating hour doing my colours. That was when I discovered that pastels, which I had been wearing all my life, were actually one of the least flattering shades on me!
Based on my feedback, and her own assessment of what styles would suit me best, Katrin produced a Style Book for me. It was meticulously researched and detailed – down to the perfect shape of pocket for me and the ideal cut of collar. It has since become my personal style bible. I refer to it constantly.
Personal Shopping
This was the really fun bit! I specified my needs and my budget in advance, and Katrin planned our trip around that. We spent about three hours shopping in Knightsbridge – everywhere from Harrods to regular high street stores. Katrin knew exactly what we were looking for and there was no dithering or time wasting. She selected the clothes: I just had to try them on.
It was the most pleasurable and productive shopping trips I have ever had! Katrin advised me what worked and what didn’t, and introduced me to several new looks I hadn’t ever considered before. I never felt bullied into anything that I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with. And she kept constant tabs on our total spend, so I ended up with several new outfits on quite a modest budget.
I had almost entirely given up on make-up after having children. Katrin introduced me to a very reasonably priced range of cosmetics and showed me exactly how to use them. Now, I rarely step out of the house with a bare face!
A whole new look
Katrin created a completely new style for me, and I have not looked back. She found looks that were appropriate to the office, the school playground, the Christmas party. She has made me feel so much more confident in my personal and professional life. I have to say that I would never have believed a personal stylist could make such a difference.”

Vicky Williams-Ellis (42) married to James with two children

Katrin’s knowledge and versatility makes her introductory talk very interesting indeed. She effortlessly pinpoints your personality and knows what you need to highlight it. The materials Katrin uses confirm her feel and flair for pure quality. The outcome of a very thorough and most informative session with Katrin, resulted in not only feeling good about myself, but also feeling privileged to have this special Consultancy Agency here in London.

Susie Bittner, London, May 2006

Тот факт, что несмотря на полный шкаф одежды и косметички мне все равно нечего одеть и макияж как то не смотрится на все 100%, побудил меня обратиться к стилисту и узнать что я делаю не так. Ведь я слежу за модой, покупаю новинки и в общем хорошо выгляжу. Но чего то все равно не хватает. Такого, скажем, завершающего штриха. Я нашла Катрин Херманн по интернету, ее вебсайт меня очень впечатлил и мы договорились о встрече. После имидж консультации и разбора платяного шкафа я поняла почему несмотря на такое количество вещей мне нечего одеть. Все детали покупались как одна вещь и не сочетались ни с чем остальным. Катрин подсказала, что должно быть в базовом наборе и какие цвета мне идут. Так же меня удивило то что цвета которые так мне идут в макияже я никогда раньше не покупала. Консультация помогла мне понять что мне нужно изменить и добавить чтобы всегда выглядеть стильно

Having a full wardrobe and make-up bag I always faced the problem that I have nothing to wear and my make-up is not 100 % looking good. I was following the fashion news and buying the ‘must have’ stuff but the final look of stylish appearance was missing. This made me think what I am doing wrong and try to find an image consultant. Katrin Hermanns’ website impressed me and we agreed to meet. She helped me to find my new style and it was obvious that all the clothes were bought as a single item and that was why it was difficult to combine them. Katrin explained what should be a basic wardrobe and how to match pieces and colours. Also the make-up part of the consultation surprised me when the colours I always avoided finally suited me so well! The image consultation made me understand my mistakes and gave tips on how to look stylish on all occasions.


As a general practitioner, over 60 people visit me daily. The first impression is importance for both sides. Apparently my appearance has changed so much as a result of your advice that I am frequently asked about who is behind these positive changes. So thank you for your excellent advice – working with you was my best investment of last year.

MD Hartmut Christian Steller

I met with Katrin during a recent business trip to London when I was blessed with a free morning and took the opportunity to schedule a color consultation – something I had always wanted to do! I thought I pretty much knew my style and colors, but it was amazing to see when we started working with the swatches how easy it is to go wrong especially if one’s favorite color is not the one that works best on yourself ... While the color consultation was my priority we also touched hair styles and make-up (my weak spots) and I really love Katrin’s follow-up with a professional style-book with a summary of everything we discussed and shopping recommendations that carry clothes that suit my personal style.

Katrin had such great ideas that were both simple and powerful and easy to fit into a busy schedule. The little colorpocket has become my favorite shopping companion and ensures that I won’t spend money on shopping mistakes any longer!

I will recommend Katrin to all my friends who complain about having a wardrobe full of clothes they never wear!

Connie, New York, June 2006

I have not expected that only four hours of being together with Katrin would change my view in so many ways. It was a pleasure for me to spend a lovely time with Katrin at her beautiful home to have my colours done. I felt all the time in very experienced and professional hands.
Katrin underlined her trustfulness and elegant appearance with her sensible and calm approach to make me feel comfortable. She picked up on my wishes and desires regarding new colours and styling on the spot and explained her suggestions to me in a very professional manner.
As a make-up artist, I know already a lot about colours and style, however, Katrin topped my knowledge. Her gentle kind manner combined with lively ideas how to get my desired new look was an amazing experience. The personal shopping session was a big success as well. Katrin has a good eye for affordable and wearable items without wasting any time wondering around the shops.
I have never felt pushed around or talked down by Katrin. She always paid attention to my own individual style personality and respected my likes and dislikes.

I found out about new colours, shapes and ways how to wear and to combine old and new clothes, even my make-up and accessories were covered. She works with exclusive working material and proved her professionalism on first impression.
I will contact her again and will recommend her to all my friends and business partners in the not so distant future.

A big Thank You!

Kathrin Peters, Germany Make-up Artist

Dear Katrin, I just want to thank you for what turned out to be such a pleasurable shopping experience today. I usually dread buying new clothes but your expert advice and natural flair for putting outfits together really paid off. You really took the time to understand my personal style and I am very pleased with my purchases. I can honestly say that I am now actually looking forward to my next shopping session! You have converted me – thank you.

Suzex Doerr

I was initially sceptical about having my colours done, but afterwards I could see how useful it was and I actually do not see how we could have gone shopping without doing it. I found it very convenient to be able to come to your house in the evening for our initial session, rather than finding time in the day.

I felt confident after our first session that I would find what I wanted when we went shopping, we finished with a firm plan of what we would achieve which we were both happy with and which was achievable. I am not particularly fond of shopping so it was great that you did so much research beforehand to minimise the time spent and stress of the shopping trip. It soon became clear that you had put considerable thought and time into preparing our trip so when we went to shops where we immediately found what we wanted in shops I had never been to before. I am delighted with all my clothes and am sure that I will be wearing them to destruction for months to come! I really feel that my image has been updated to one that I am delighted with, that is sustainable and that suits me. I would, and in fact already have, unhesitatingly recommended you to my friends. Thank you so much!

Alison, Southfields, London

I am delighted with my very thorough profile and it has really helped me feel better about my shape and figure. Just knowing what suits me makes me feel more confident when I go shopping, especially with my colour palette. Also, having a larger figure, knowing that I can still look elegant and feel more confident about the way I look has helped my confidence. A number of friends and family have noticed the change. Gordon is delighted as well!

Gillian Sivewright