My approach

What outfit is appropriate for a business dinner? Is my favourite colour in sync with my complexion? What does my posture tell about me? These questions and many more occur to us on a daily basis, in the business as well as in our private lifes. Often our search for answers or the best fitting garment is in vain. A view into the mirror reveals our discomfort. Becoming insecure is the result.

Take a step to well-being. Everyone can look stunning – regardless of age, posture or budget. Discover your strengths with me, underline and develop your own personal style. And your self-confidence will gain free of charge...

The clothes you wear, accessories, make-up and even your perfume, speak volumes. If you know you look great, you feel good about yourself and that gives you confidence. Getting your personal style right can change your attitude to life and work. And that’s where an image consultant can help you.
‘Image Consultant’ sounds intimidating but don’t worry. My role is to guide and advise you on personal style and what to wear. I will never criticise.
Perhaps you want to look younger, more attractive or more sophisticated. I can help you with a colour analysis or image consultation, personal shopping or complete image-make over session.

Take a look at my range of services and find one that’s right for you